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This program is designed to change the way your body and mind function. 


Dr. Millen discusses her observations with the program

  Benefits include:

  • Increased Mental Performance

  • Improved Physical Well Being

  • Combat Anxiety & Mood Disorders

  • Break the Cycle of Addiction

  • Battle Neurocognitive Disorders

  • and much more!


Observe Kelly describe how Blueprint for Changes helped her battle depression:


Meet the inventor, Dr. Kim Potter


Learn how Blueprint for Changes has been developed over the last two decades.

Hint: it was with a little help from his feathered friends.


Medical research shows that low-level audio can trigger communication between our body's cells.  


Please note we do not use BioTones or subliminal content.


Blueprint for Changes will also help the people close to you.

Joe describes his experience as his wife began the program


Your journey starts here.


Watch how easy it is to use Blueprint for Changes

The reason behind our symbols

Humans can usually be categorized into a set of behavioral archetypes. Over the last four decades, Dr. Potter has identified 14 main divisions. Each symbol has a corresponding audio program that is suited to serve the needs of the person selecting the symbol. 

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Life is not a race; enjoy your journey.

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Many have felt personal growth and improvement almost immediately while it may take longer for others. After using this program, you will start to experience life through a different set of eyes. New neural pathways may be formed and there is no hard timeline for projected goals.