gina “I recently started to listen to the Blueprint for Changes Symbol CDs. To be honest, I was not sure about it at first. I thought, listening to a CD in silent mode will actually do something for me? Little did I know what it would unleash once I started listening to the CDs!!! In the mist of some of the chaos I was experiencing I blamed the developer of this product for all of the changes occurring in my life. But, it was all for the good! I can’t be thankful enough for this opportunity of growth and expansion! I am amazed by this product and the talent of the Blueprint for Changes team. I can’t wait to continue to grow and share my experiences with others so they can be inspired and be part of this beautiful path of life-changes for peace and harmony. We cant change the world but we can certainly change ourselves and transform into a new re-birth you every time we chose to. Thank you, thank you and thank you!” – Gina, Professional from Delray Beach, Florida Testimonials-CTA2