keith-269x300 I was very skeptical of the Blueprint for Changes symbols and sound files when I first heard about them over 3 years ago. After lengthy discussion with Kim Potter, I agreed to take a look and decide for myself. One of the symbols immediately caught my eye, I chose it and began listening to the associated CD sound files. As soon as I began playing the silent mode CD, I began having very vivid dreams and was able to remember them in great detail long after waking. It was a welcome return to the type of dreams I had as a child – creative, adventurous and expansive. At first I didn’t make the connection between the change in my dreams and Blueprint for Changes, however, upon careful reflection, there was no other plausible explanation. The change in was so immediate and definite. And that was just the beginning. The changes in my dream-life were just one aspect of a transformational process that involved my entire being – body, mind and spirit:
  • After nearly 5 years of failed attempts at restarting a fitness routine, I was soon going to the gym 3-4 times a week. This then evolved into a daily yoga practice as well as a twice weekly gym routine, long distance bicycling and daily walks, all of which has become ingrained, something I look forward to, something for which I have more than ample physical and psychic energy. The excuses and the procrastination that had previously sabotaged my fitness efforts simply withered away.
  • Even though I had worked for over two decades as a successful medical professional, my decision-making had become mired in unprocessed emotions. Procrastination and depression had increasingly become my go-to way of negotiating difficulty. Today, those are simply no longer a part of me. As I look back, it is quite clear that those mindsets began to fade away as soon as I started using Blueprint for Changes.
  • Even more profoundly, a whole host of destructive behaviors that had come to dominate my life began to quickly fade away, some sooner than others, but all of them in due time. Alcohol, caffeine, over-eating, other substance abuse and other addictions (internet, television, electronic gaming, and so forth) are no longer a concern of mine. I have no need to try and control them and they have no control over me. As I look back at who I was before engaging with Blueprint For Changes and what behaviors drove me compared to now, I am completely amazed and deeply grateful.
  • Most profound of all, since first using this program, my spiritual life has blossomed beyond words. I am very clear about who I am, where I am and why I am where I am. I am clear about what I believe and hold as the truth. And I have no need to explain my beliefs. They are self-evident and their truth is expressed how I live my life, every moment of every day.
The changes in the three years since I began working with Blueprint For Changes have been fully and fundamentally transformational. Who I am now bears very little resemblance to who I was then. Today I walk much more fully in my truth and speak with my own voice without worry about what others might think of me. I greet every day with excitement and wonder. I catch myself laughing and smiling at the world around me whereas before I would waste much time and energy in a place of fear and anxiety, making (usually false) assumptions and passing judgment on others. I now have complete faith in myself and my purpose in the world, a faith that I’d completely lost in a fog of addiction and narcissism. I don’t know what tomorrow really holds; however, I trust my intuition and the wisdom of the Universe around and within me. No matter what comes up, I can handle it with courage, compassion and grace. Or not, which is okay, because when I don’t handle things well, I am not afraid to dig deep, take ownership, fix what’s been broken, learn from it and move forward. Finally, let me be very clear, true change is tough work. It is painful at times. As the saying goes, be careful what you ask for, because if you are looking for real change you cannot always predict what will show up or how things will unfold. Set aside all expectation and be open to the unexpected, the unimaginable. Blueprint For Changes did not do the work of change in my life. It simply and profoundly opened the door; it served as a catalyst. I still had to muster the courage and walk through that door. The work of change in my life has been mine, all of it. It has been difficult and painful at times. I’ve learned for myself that real change cannot occur without true effort, true passion and true courage! Above all, I’ve learned that anything worth doing is never so difficult or painful that I can’t handle it. Each and every one of us has the strength and courage to step into change. That is our birthright, the birthright of every human being. We are here to create a better life for ourselves, to be happy, to seek peace. It is a matter of being willing to look inside with curiosity, self-compassion and without judgment. And it is a matter finding the right tools, showing up and doing the work. Blueprint For Changes is an indispensable tool and I am eternally grateful to have it in my toolbox. – Keith, Physician from San Francisco Testimonials-CTA2