Michelle Trontz

Michele Trontz

My name is Michele. I am a Spa Director at a Golf Club. I have many years in the healing arts and am also a licensed Massage Therapist trained in many modalities and a Paramedical Certified Aesthetician. I have been on my own journey of self improvement to be the best most productive me for 35 years. I have been trained in many self improvement programs and tried them on myself for the past 35 years, only to become disappointed at the end results each and every time. I had a friend that was doing Blueprint for Changes and I had a very strong desire to know more about this program. My friend set up a meeting with Dr. Kim Potter to thoroughly explain this program to me. Once I learned about this program I had to try it for myself. Of course I was completely skeptical. I had been used to doing programs with many steps and many pages of rules to memorize. My thoughts were this program is way too easy so I automatically thought this sounds too good to be true, but what do I have to lose so I’ll try it. I started Blueprint for Changes reluctantly in April 2015. I could not believe the profound changes that I was experiencing within the first couple of days. I was having weird dreams that were very active and extremely realistic. It seemed as though I was not sleeping all night but just interacting with the people and the experiences in my dream world. They were so real that I remembered every dream and every experience as if I had really lived in that world. I even remembered my dreams for days after awakening. I have noticed that the dreams have gotten less interactive and as I have gone into different Symbols and Sound Files. My emotions were all over the board in the very beginning, but to my pleasant surprise they have leveled off and I actually feel more balanced for the first time in my life. I have also noticed that my work environment improved as well as my very strained relationship with my mother. I am noticing that I have a different tolerance to the people around me. It is now July and I am on my third Symbol and Sound File. The saying, “Just Be,” is how I now want to live, not stories and not drama anymore. Being in the now is finally where I feel comfortable. My daughter who is 30 and my daughter who is 19 are now using this program because of the changes in me and our interaction with each other that they are quite happy about. I also have two co-workers who were so intrigued with the changes in me that they are now using Blueprint for Changes. If I could fulfill one desire it would be to help as many people in this world as possible. I can honestly say that I have finally found the answer to my 35 year quest and it definitely is Blueprint for Changes and I would highly recommend it to everyone. -Michele Trontz Testimonials-CTA2