Mona “I’ve had a tough working relationship with my business partner. We have often had huge fights over the littlest things. He gets easily upset and is quick to take offence. He always seems to point out the negative things and would drive me crazy. I couldn’t stand the way he complained all the time. Even a simple phone call from him would stress me out, not to mention when we worked together. There were times when it was extreme; I would scream back at him and act aggressively and at times get hysterical! I was asked if I would be interested in testing out the Blueprint for Changes Symbol CDs. I started listening to them as directed. After about 2 weeks of listening to the CDs my partner and I had another big fight but to my surprise, I stayed calmer than normal. A period of a few days went by where we didn’t communicate and then my next phone call with him I noticed I stayed detached and remained calm! I could hear the tone of reproach in his voice but it didn’t affect me anymore! The next time we met to work together again I noticed the same thing. His behaviour was the same but mine changed and again, I didn’t get upset anymore. He could say what he wanted and exhibit all of the emotional upheaval and it didn’t affect me one bit! Amazingly I stayed centered and I spoke and thought clearly. For the first time I didn’t get drawn into his drama. Alongside with staying calm and detached, I have noticed other side benefits from the Blueprint for Changes Symbol CDs: I have been able to negotiate my contracts alone and ask for the price I want. In the past I would have felt too uncomfortable and often wouldn’t have dared to ask for the price I felt I deserved. I am more “in charge” now! I get things done easier, I procrastinate less, and I have more mental clarity. What a relief!!!” – Mona, Professional Musician from Paris, France Testimonials-CTA1