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You have come to the awareness of your need for change. Perhaps you feel stuck – unable to move forward in either your career or school, an important relationship, or some other important aspect of your life. Do you find yourself increasingly trapped by behavior that is unhealthy, self-defeating and self-destructive? Have you struggled to stop, but honestly cannot? Have you found that the more you fight it, the stronger it becomes? Experience may be telling you a basic truth: Resistance empowers the very behavior you are attempting to defeat. The more you focus on it, the more you struggle. The more you resist, the stronger your undesirable behavior becomes and the worse you feel about yourself. At Blueprint for Changes we offer a completely a different approach to change starting with our Symbols for Changes audio files. These audio files will stimulate flexibility within your brain and lay the foundation for real and lasting change.
Cognitive structures are the basic mental processes people use to make sense of information. Other names for cognitive structures include mental structures, mental tools, and patterns of thought. Think of cognitive structures basically as “mental processes.” Subconscious mind is a storage room of all of your previous life experiences, your beliefs, your skills, and your long-term memories. It also holds all of the images you’ve ever seen, and every situation you have experienced throughout your life. When you take what you plug into your conscious mind and absorb it, it makes its way to your subconscious mind. Ninety-five percent of thoughts, behaviours and actions come from your subconscious mind. Blueprint for Changes alters the structures that your subconscious mind has created and reformats to come into alignment with your desired behavioral changes. Conscious mind consists of everything inside of our awareness. This is the aspect of our mental processing that we can think and talk about in a rational way. The conscious mind includes our sensations, perceptions, memories, feeling and fantasies inside of our current awareness.

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About The Blueprint for Changes Symbol Program

The behavioral structures that were originally stimulated by the Symbols that have moved onto the sound files are seeking something. Your brain believes that it will find an experience that relates to your historical past. The more options that are given to these structures, the more flexible they will become. (The conscious brain and its perception will handicap the process, so it is best to work on a level that doesn’t stimulate conscious awareness). Little by little new options are made available to your behavioral patterns through the files. The sound files are designed to allow the brain to easily connect the same stimulations to a natural environment, one that has not been altered through experience. This allows a natural process to take over to stimulate further evolution within you. Once this journey has commenced, it is not advisable to listen to the “audio” version of your sound file more than a couple of times per week, if at all. There is a simple reason for this: Our conscious minds have limitations within our sensory structures and are simply not suited to working with our non- sensory mindsets. This would limit each individual’s potential growth and evolution.
Keeping your printed Symbol in a clear viewing location or locations will be very beneficial during the entire listening period. Each time your brain is stimulated by these Symbols, it will start with the initial historical stimulation and rapidly rebalance to the evolved concurrent stimulation. This concurrent stimulation is what is happening at that current time with the silent mode stimulation. This moves you further from the starting point with an action, within your brain. Awareness from this type of stimulation can happen in many arenas. The goal is to stimulate your mind from the inside out. Your conscious mind will be the last to recognize the results. The more organic this process is, the more natural the process feels. Often, you will be the least aware of the changes, until an external source points them out. We realize this may sound strange to you! If we were to approach this with a conscious goal, typically, the first thing that would be deployed into such a project, would be a format of discipline. That underlying rationale would have an emotional base. Emotionally based reasoning appears to hold together for only a 4 to 6 week period after initial results are first observed. As soon as results surface, the original reason to embark on this project would diminish. You will start to relax, only to relapse back into the behavior that you vowed you would never do again. Blueprint for Changes has created a way to avoid this situation with the use of the Symbols. By avoiding your conscious minds’ participation in this process, we can help to avoid such pitfalls. The amount of time to continue with the “silent” mode is individual to each person. The rule of thumb would be “the longer the better.” This does not apply to the Blueprint for Changes Symbol program. This is not a race; there really is no finishing line with regards to internal growth and evolution in life. We suggest that you take your time. It is okay to move onto a new Symbol when you have finished with the current one. We do not advise switching from one Symbol to another and back again for any reason. Finish the process first with the current symbol before applying a different Symbol. The Symbols work very well with most mind, body or spirit exercise you might be starting or engaging in. These will help facilitate new structures to attach to your external environment. Individuals within your Family tree or friendship group might be observed being stimulated by the Symbols that you are using. This type of stimulation, of course, would be a symptom! A result observed externally, that was stimulated from within yourself, is a good indicator of the process you have embarked upon. The Sound Files do not contain any Computer-generated Tones or Subliminal Content. At a later date, you can always revisit a symbol. Simply start the connection process again by listening 1 to 3 times before moving on to the “silent” mode. As mentioned earlier, there are so many options for the brain to be stimulated, that there will always be different stimulations possible and available. Several individuals within the same environment can utilize different Symbols at the same time. This is because each individual has been sensitized to their individual Symbol, and the attached sound/vibrational files. In fact, this type of group stimulation might be very advantageous for growth within the group. Certain individuals may experience an elevated awareness once the “silent” mode starts. This typically dissipates within a short period of time and does not mean that the internal stimulation has ceased.