About Kim Potter


Kim Potter, PhD

Founder and CEO
AboutKim-CTAOver 30 years ago I began working in the field of animal behavior. My interest in animals began as a hobby when I was a teenager and evolved into study and research in the field of epigenetics (heritable changes in gene expression). I have worked extensively with endangered species, most particularly the Psittacine parrots. My research with this species involved the development of epigenetic stimulations to improve health in the birds, with an end goal to increase reproduction. By manipulating the experimental group of parrots merely through changing the interaction of humans (all other variables remained constant), there was a resultant increase of over 800% in reproduction. One of the most significant conclusions I was able to draw from my animal research was that human beings have an effect on our environments merely by our presence alone. My research with animals led to some interesting and unexpected findings with individuals as I began to observe the effect that human behaviours had on endangered species of birds. The health of the birds became the measurement tool whereby I could gauge the effects of human behavior through the stimulation of their brains. The method of behavioural transfer from humans to animals became the base of understanding that facilitated the development of the Blueprint for Changes program. Over the past 30 years I have worked with individuals who have struggled with wanting to change a particular aspect of their lives (e.g. career, relationships, addictions) but yet were unable to follow through or could only seem to make changes on a superficial level. I have also conducted group workshops in various health care facilities in an effort to affect more people. In a workshop setting I am able to teach people about behaviourism, who they are, and why they behave consistently the way they do. My goal in developing the Blueprint for Changes program was to be able to provide a format that has no language barriers and is available to anybody with an Internet connection. Through this program I want to help individuals to conquer the challenges that are holding them back in life from experiencing real and lasting change.