Annette A. Penney


Do you remember the TV commercial from the 80’s for “The Hair Club for Men” where towards the end the guy in the commercial says, “I’m not only The Hair Club President, but I’m also a client?” HAHA! I came across the video on YouTube and it made me laugh so hard because all of these years later ….. I still remember that silly commercial! You may have assumed that because I am Dr. Kim Potter’s business partner in Blueprint for Changes, that I must have been a big supporter of the program from the time we started to launch our business. Not necessarily so. What I am a big believer in, Is “Dr. Kim.” I knew from 6 years of both a professional and personal relationship with Kim, that if he developed a program, it was going to work. I jumped on board as soon as the opportunity was offered to me but I had yet to actually try the program for myself. As any good business person knows, you absolutely have to know your product inside out so I started on my own Blueprint for Changes journey.

First of all, I am a psychologist. I know about the various forms of therapy that are available to help individuals in their life struggles: divorce, loss of a loved one, change in career, parenting challenges, relationship issues, childhood trauma, and addictions (for starters). I have unsuccessfully completed various forms of counselling and therapy myself. I say “unsuccessfully” because in my 50s I found myself still struggling in certain important areas of my life so I consider the treatments as not successful. My own personal opinion is that when you have overcome major challenges in your life, although there may be a temporary slip-up every once in a long time, these challenges or issues no longer interfere in your life in a BIG way.

I have tried several of our Symbol programs. My first program is probably the most memorable for me because of the powerful impact it had on my life, in a way I had never experienced before. At first I didn’t really notice that anything was happening. I played my silent sound file in my office all day long (where I spend most of my time) and had my symbol displayed prominently on my desk. As a person who has struggled with anxiety, I was definitely more calm within only days – but I didn’t notice any big changes (back then I wasn’t sure what to expect). Then one evening out of the blue my oldest daughter and mother of my 5 beautiful grandchildren said to me those magic words: “Mom, you’ve changed.” According to my daughter, I was visiting more frequently, I was interacting with my grandsons more effectively, and I was more joyful, but with a new calmness she hadn’t seen in me before. As a bit of a background – I have 3 daughters so I didn’t know how to play or interact with boys. When grandsons (I have 4 now) arrived on the scene, I just basically withdrew from them. That’s all I knew how to do.
Fast forward to June, 2015. I am using a different Symbol program now and my son-in-law asked my daughter a few weeks ago, “What is up with your mother? Why is she so happy all the time?” You have no idea how much this makes me smile! I have experienced significant improvements in my quality of life and well-being and most important (to me), they are real and long-lasting changes. I have been able to escape the emotional addictions that have plagued me for all of my adult life and am making choices I KNEW I had to make, but was unable to make even with all of the knowledge that I have about these challenges.

My hope for you is that you will take one small step toward your own recovery (whatever that may be) and try the Blueprint for Changes program for yourself. You have nothing to lose except the things that are holding you back from experiencing the full, joyful life that is intended for you.

I’m not just the VP of Blueprint for Changes. I am a client too!