Dr. Kim Potter

 Kim Potter, Ph.D.

Kim Potter, Ph.D.

Kim is a pioneer in the fields of human and animal behavior. His groundbreaking international research has paved the way for Blueprints for Changes, a science-backed program that rewires the human system to generate lasting, positive, powerful change. Whether his clients have struggled with physical addictions, psychological addictions, or simple emotional baggage that’s kept them from living as the truest, most peaceful versions of themselves, Dr. Potter has been able to effectively free them from those restrictions, leading thousands of people to better lives.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that changing our long-standing habits and unwanted behaviors would require a Herculean effort on our part, along with substantial investments of time and money. Dr. Potter has proven that is not the case. Blueprint for Changes seems nearly magical in its simplicity, yet the results are consistently concrete. There has never been a program this easy to use, this affordable, with a time commitment this negligible, and results this extraordinary. 

For over three decades Dr. Potter has worked with clients who have wanted to change some aspect of their lives, typically in the categories of career, relationship, financial status, or addictions. While some of his clients had seen temporary success in shifting their behavior or made small changes on a superficial level, it wasn’t until working with Dr. Potter that they were able to permanently release the shackles that had been holding them back and step solidly into the new behaviors they’d been desiring. 

Dr. Potter developed Blueprint for Changes with the goal of bringing the powerful work he’d been doing with individual clients to a broader audience. He envisioned a program format with no language barriers that would be affordable, user-friendly, and accessible to anyone. Through exhaustive, dedicated research, drawing from his decades of scientific fieldwork, he created that program and now Blueprint for Changes is available to any person, anywhere, who is ready to release past challenges and experience real and lasting change.


The remarkable science behind Blueprint for Changes is rooted in the discoveries Dr. Potter made while doing epigenetics research in Thailand, investigating the heritable changes in gene expression of endangered Psittacine parrots. His research with this species involved the development of epigenetic stimulations to improve health in the birds, with an end goal to increase reproduction. By manipulating the experimental group of parrots merely through changing the interaction of humans (with all other variables remaining constant), he was able to increase their reproduction by over 800%. The shocking conclusion, verified by consistent repeat results, was that human beings effect their environments far more than had been previously understood. It was simply the presence of certain humans that affected the parrots. The health of the birds was the measurement tool Dr. Potter used to gauge the effects of human behavior through the stimulation of their brains. The method of behavioral transfer from humans to animals became the basis for the development of the Blueprint for Changes program.