Grant Gibson


I wanted to take a moment to describe to you the incredible personal transformation I have experienced during the short time I have been utilizing the “Blueprint for Changes” program.

When I began the program I was not in a good place. I had recently experienced the end of a very important relationship in my life, my work situation was less than desirable, and I was generally very unhappy with the position I held in life at that time.

I was strongly desiring to experience positive change, however I had tried many different methods in the past to generate such change and always felt that the results were lacking at best, and often yielded results even further in the direction I was not desiring to go.

A friend of mine met Dr. Kim and called me and described to me her experience with the “Blueprint for Changes” program, and though I didn’t fully comprehend it I thought that anything was worth a try, especially coming from a trusted friend.
The transformation I have experienced in the last few months has been remarkable. At first the process was not easy to say the least. Early in the program I was continually confronted with the behavior patterns that I desired to change, but in time I began to become more and more aware of these and eventually began to circumvent them. I felt that this was a huge victory because this was significant change!

Since that point I have felt myself becoming much stronger and more centered. As I have begun to feel this way, the external world has mirrored this feeling. I have recently been offered a job that will be fun, pays great, and gives me the winter months off to travel. I have had new friends come into my life as well who are like-minded, positive people.

It’s amazing now looking back at how much positivity has emerged in my life, and how far I have come in the direction of the initial goal I stated to Dr. Kim that was, “I want to achieve my potential.”

It’s only been four months and it feels like years of bad programming and habits have been lifted from my shoulders. I am generally much happier, feel much more in control of my life, and am confident that as I continue to utilize the program that I will continue to see greater and greater results!

I hope that this testimonial will encourage folks on the edge to give the “Blueprint for Changes” program a try. It’s truly life changing and a one of a kind opportunity to break free from yourself and live the life you’ve always wanted.