Lynn Rothfuss


Several months ago, I started using the Blueprint for Changes Symbol program. Dr. Potter called me one day and asked me about the changes I may have experienced. I sat down this morning to write some changes I have noticed in me.

At first, I must admit I was very skeptical that this program could work. Now two months later, I do notice subtle differences that I would like to share with you.

I’m not as angry and I’m willing to find core issues why my anger. My reactions and responses to people are smoother, sweeter, and more gentle. My reaction to my life partner is tender, sweeter, peaceful, and there is less resistance on my part to listen to suggestions. I am able to collaborate and communicate in a calm, non- aggressive way and I’m not stern like I used to be. I find that overall, I have better listening skills. I am taking responsibility for my thinking and actions in every part of my life. I have learned that it’s an “inside job” and not something that happens outside of me. I have true confidence in my abilities and my self-esteem has improved tremendously. I am resisting less and less as I’m more accepting of other people’s ideas and suggestions. I’m also experiencing stronger motivation and my inspiration levels are higher, and more often.

I am very grateful for being introduced to the Blueprint for Changes program.